Are Dirty Air Ducts Making Your Air Unbreathable?

Duct cleaning is our specialty in Atlanta & Sandy Springs, GA

Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? Any mold, dust or bacteria circulating through your air ducts will aggravate these health issues. If you're having difficulty breathing, Eko Fresh in Atlanta & Sandy Springs, GA can help. Our air duct cleaning services include comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing, and we'll clean up the area thoroughly after we're done.

Call 678-668-9908 now for a free duct cleaning estimate. We can also provide emergency services for an additional fee.

We'll clean every part of your ventilation system

If you have dirty air ducts, you can trust us to clean them. We'll take care of everything, from brushing off vent covers to cleaning our air returns. Our duct cleaning process includes cleaning out your:

  • Vents
  • Ducts
  • Returns

We use a negative pressure system to bring all the debris forward and make removing it easier. This lets us clear out ducts and sanitize the system effectively to eliminate mold and bacteria. For more information about our air duct cleaning services, reach out to us today.