Chimney Sweep & Inspection

Your home is your castle, so don't let chimney fires put it at risk!

We offer chimney sweeping and inspections in Atlanta & Sandy Springs, GA

As the weather gets colder, people begin to turn to their fireplaces to stay warm. However, before you start using your fireplace this winter, there are a few things you should do to make sure it is running efficiently and safely.

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When your chimney is not cleaned for a long time, a substance called creosote keeps building up in the flue during the use of the fireplace. This creosote is highly flammable and can lead to a dangerous chimney fire (an uncontrolled 2000 degree fire burning inside the chimney). By properly maintaining your chimney, you can save money and ensure your home is safe from fire. We are happy to –

  • Keep your home safe from chimney fires.
  • Efficiently heat your home with a properly running fireplace.
  • Save money with preventative chimney maintenance.
  • Keep your chimney critter-free.

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